Transparent Engines



Jonathan Schneider

Research Associate


+49 241 80 95379



Future developments of internal combustion engines demand the strict adherence of emission laws with simultaneous reduction of the fuel consumption. To avoid the occurrence of emissions and for the optimal use of the fuel, the layout of the injector and the optimized charge flow is crucial. For the assessment and the analogy of the developed canal and combustion chamber geometry as well as the interaction with the jet spray and also for the analogy between different fuels, there are two transparent engines available at the TME.

The gasoline transparent engine distinguishes itself by a modular design. Therefore the test bench can be customized towards customer requirements regarding hub and drill hole. The test stand can be equipped with a flow model or a cylinder head and is essential for flow and carburetion analysis.

The transparent diesel engine that is available next to the gasoline transparent engine is primarily used for fuel analysis and the analysis of the characteristic ignition behavior.

For the application of the optical measuring technique there is a High-Speed Nd : YLF Laser, a Nd : YAG Laser, High-Speed Cameras as well as image amplifiers available.The use of measuring techniques is:

  • Particle Image Velocimetry: Analysis of the Charge Flow and Flow Phenomena
  • Mie Stray Light: Analysis of Carburetion of the liquid Stream
    Tracer Laser Induced Fluorescence: Carburetion Analysis in the Gas Phase
  • Soot Lights: Visualization of hot Soot during the Combustion
  • OH* Chemiluminescence: Visualization of Areas with Combustion Reactions
  • Laser Induced Incandescence: Visualization of the Soot (including cold Soot)