Catalytic Aging Test Station



Stefan Sterlepper

Dr.-Ing. - Chief Engineer


+49 241 80 48055


  Catalytic Aging Test Station Copyright: © FEV Europe GmbH

A successful pollutant reduction over the whole vehicle lifetime is necessary as the worldwide emission limits increase steadily. Even the Euro-3 legislation included an aging durability test of exhaust gas after treatment components.

The new catalytic test station allows a fast motion catalytic aging and thereby permits a simple analysis of aged exhaust gas after treatment systems during the development stage.


The exhaust gas on the test station is generated by a burner in contrast to an engine. This allows a wide level of freedom in the test sequence. The composition and the air fuel ratio λ (0.9< λ <2.0) of the exhaust gas, the exhaust gas temperature (300°C – 1250°C), the exhaust gas mass flow (mExh≤ 120 g/s) and further parameters can be calibrated within the limits.

Furthermore different fuels can be used and the aging cycle can be defined at will. The functionality of the catalytic aging test station is described by the image. The exhaust gas is generated by a burner designed by TME in cooperation with FEV Europe GmbH and runs through the test catalyst. It is possible to bypass the catalyst with part of the mass flow and to lead cooled exhaust gas back to the burner.