Powertrain Test Bench



Johannes Claßen

Chief Engineer - M.Sc.


+49 241 80 48156


  Powertrain Test Bench Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | TME

Modern powertrains require a complex test environment. The Center for Mobile Propulsion includes powertrain test benches designed for all wheel drive. The 600 kW test bench offers a Fuel Conditioning Unit (FuelCon), a Lubrication Conditioning Unit (LubCon), a Coolant Conditioning Unit (CoolCon) and an Air Intake Conditioning Unit (AirCon).

Moreover, four dynos allow a realistic vehicle load simulation with independent speed and load controllers for each wheel. A complete certification cycle including exhaust gas measurement is possible.

The size of the test bench enables testing the complete powertrain including engine, transmission and differential. In addition, the test bench is useable for transmission testing. The test bench is fully integrated in the Real Time Network. Via the Real Time Network, a validation of the virtual power train components is enabled.