Areas of Work

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At our chair, we work on all research topics related to mobile propulsion systems. The focus is on the combustion engine with hydrogen and synthetic fuel combustion, fuel cell technologies and battery electric drives. Together with the colleagues of the Teaching and Research Area Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion, topics regarding electrical machines and power electronics are also dealt with. Our research work is always very closely linked to the development of "intelligent test methods" and virtualization. At our chair and the Center for Mobile Propulsion (CMP) we cover all powertrain technologies and support all forms of future mobility with our innovative research.


Research areas of work:

  • Combustion system research with synthetic fuels (hydrogen, methanol, ammonia)
  • Research into new emission technologies and concepts to achieve “zero-impact emissions”
  • Optimization of fuel cell systems for mobile and stationary applications with respect to power density and performance
  • Degradation and lifetime investigations of fuel cells
  • Charging and humidification concepts for fuel cells
  • Functional development and control concepts for fuel cells
  • Simulative and experimental investigation of the freeze-start capability of PEM fuel cells and derivation of suitable powertrain operating strategies
  • Battery system design and LCA considerations for mobile propulsion systems
  • Investigation of cooling concepts for batteries in mobile applications
  • Thermal propagation and thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery cell testing
  • Function and algorithm development for battery management systems (BMS) for SOx prediction
  • Acoustic optimization of electric vehicles and their powertrain components
  • CAE simulation of different electrical machines for mobile applications
  • Application of AI methods for operating strategy prediction in electric and hybrid vehicles