Restructuring Energy Engineering M. Sc.


Due to the feedback of the students in the lectures and consulting hours, the professors of Energy Engineering have initiated a restructuring and modernization of the Energy Engineering M. Sc. The master program is now divided into the specializations mobility, energy supply and energy system design and starts in winter semester 20/21.

The number of semi-electives in the new structure of the Energy Engineering M. Sc. program has been significantly reduced in order to offer students more options and to create their individual energy technology profile.

In addition to the restructured compulsory area, there are now the compulsory semi-elective areas I+II and the general elective area. The compulsory semi-elective area I consists of 5-6 modules, depending on the specialization, of which two must be chosen. The compulsory elective area II consists of 12-14 modules, three of which must be chosen. Up to 20 CP have to be chosen from a general elective area, which is based on the catalogue of electives of the previous course of studies M. Sc. Energy Engineering.

If you are interested in modules related to energy technology that are not listed in the general elective area, you can apply for an internal change of the curriculum and hand it in at the reception of the TME (Forckenbeckstr. 4):

The old course of study will be offered from winter semester 20/21 for the duration of a standard period of study (3 semesters). A change from the old to the new structure can be made if the chosen modules correspond to those in the new structure.