Change of curriculum


The permission of the supervisor Prof. Pischinger is required to take exams that deviate from the regular study plan. An application for a change of study plan must be submitted.

Depending on whether the exams are taken at the RWTH or at a university abroad, an internal or external change of study plan has to be filled in. You can find information about the respective procedure on the website of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

In the case of internal changes to the study plan:

  • No compulsory subjects can be replaced by other examinations.
  • All signatures must be available on the date of exam registration.

Request for an internal curriculum change

The following applies to external curriculum changes:

  • An application for substitution of a compulsory subject can be made if a current confirmation of equivalence of the external and the lecture taught at the RWTH is obtained from the corresponding RWTH professor.
  • All signatures must be submitted by the date of the exam.

Request for an external curriculum change


Checklist Curricula Changes (SPÄ)

To speed up the process of your study planning, please consider the following points:

1. Only fully completed curriculum changes will be processed (pull forward - preferably on Start of curriculum change):

"The taking of exams that deviate from the regular curriculum requires the approval of the professional field supervisor. For this purpose, an application for a change in the curriculum must be submitted. (bold) Please note that we will only process completely filled out curriculum changes".

2. Select semester and current study program

3. Enter personal data

4. Select a specialisation (and possibly the desired Master's degree)

5. Specify the type of module (drop-down menu):

  • Internal curriculum change Selection
  • External curriculum change compulsory, compulsory BF, election, MVZF compulsory, MVZF compulsory BF, MVZF election or addition (*BF: Occupational field)

6. In the case of elective and additional subjects:

  • Enter the module title (in the national language) in the "noT" field
  • Enter the module title (English translation) in the "neT" field
  • If a compulsory elective subject is to be replaced → enter the RWTH module to be replaced in the "old" field.

7. In the case of compulsory subjects that are to be replaced

  • Enter the RWTH module to be replaced in the "old" field
  • Enter the new module title (in national language) in the "noT" field
  • Enter the new module title (English translation) in the "neT" field

8. State the number of semester hours per week (SWS) or credit points (CP)

Additionally, in case of external changes in the study plan:

  • Mandatory and elective courses:
    • Detailed course description required
  • Supplementary modules:
    • Modules that are not related to energy technology (language courses etc.) can be chosen as additional subjects. The credit points of the additional subjects are not credited. The additional subject and its grade can however still be entered on the final certificate.
    • Print out the application, sign that no examination has been taken in the modules listed and submit it together with the detailed course descriptions
  • Only completely filled out curriculum changes will be processed!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.