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Lukas Plum

Research Associate


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The seminar is offered in the summer semester.



Consultation-hours by appointment. Please contact us.



The course will deal with current issues in energy technology. One key aspect is the integration of alternative propulsion technologies into the ecosystem of energy systems. Further aspects will consider the interaction with the future production, storage, and usage of energy. Moreover, the course will teach and apply methods from the practical experience of management consulting.

Regarding the given tasks, students will work out solutions in small groups. In the course, further information on the respective topics will be presented, discussed, and made available in block courses.

The students will be assisted by a team of research assistants as well as a lecturer. The intention of the course is to work out specific solutions to problems discussed, present them, and write a paper.

The course is limited to 20 participants. Students interested are therefore asked to email a short cover letter, a curriculum vitae (CV), and transcripts to in addition to registering at RWTHonline for the application. Deadline to apply is April 06, 2023. Students who are invited to take part will be informed by April 13, 2023.

The start date of the event is May 10, 2023.

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The course is an interdisciplinary course. Students should be prepared to deal with the technical and economic aspects of its subject.

The aim of the case study is to give students of RWTH Aachen University an understanding of current, practical, and future-relevant questions concerning future generation, storage, and use of energy in the mobility sector. In particular, the question of how to successfully integrate alternative propulsion technologies into the ecosystem of energy systems will be discussed.

The case study will be carried out in cooperation with the Chair of Thermodynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion Systems and FEV Consulting GmbH.

The course comprises of two sessions with mandatory attendance plus an additional mandatory session for presentations. Participants will be required to work in small groups over the period of the course.


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