Catalysis in Mobile Propulsion



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From exhaust aftertreatment to biofuels to fuel cells - catalytic processes play a key role in vehicles.

The aim of the "Catalysis in Mobile Propulsion" module is to impart knowledge of the most important chemical processes in the context of sustainable mobility to students of the RWTH Aachen University in the field of energy technology. The students learn important chemical and thermodynamic basics and their relevance in various processes of mobile drives. These range from the production of fuel, through the formation of pollutants in the engine and their reduction by means of catalytic processes, to energy storage for electric drives.

  • The students learn the chemical and thermodynamic basics of catalytic exhaust gas aftertreatment and other chemical processes in the vehicle.
  • The students get to know different chemical processes that are used to produce CO2-neutral fuels.
  • The students learn the physical-chemical basics of electrochemistry and get to know their application in mobile drives.


The following topics are dealt with:

  • Basics of exhaust gas aftertreatment
  • Oxidation and 3-way catalyst
  • SCR-catalyst
  • Particulate filter
  • Production of CO2-neutral fuels
  • Physical-chemical basics of energy supply for e-mobility

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