Series development of drive trains for on-road commercial vehicles



The lecture and the exercises take place in the summer semester.



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  Software function development using the example of predictive shifting. Copyright: © Continental AG Software function development using the example of predictive shifting.

The focus of the course is the powertrain for commercial vehicles in predominantly road operation. Special attention will be paid to the electrified powertrain, e.g. as a hybrid in different designs and as a pure electric motor powertrain. Presented are transmissions with power flow interruption during shifting or powershift capable, as central drive, as well as axles in their different designs, e.g. rigid axles, portal axles. Essential knowledge for the design of these powertrains and their subsystems, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or electronic, will be imparted in the course.

  Hardware-design Copyright: © FEV Europe GmbH Hardware-design using the example of actuators with demand-controlled energy consumption.

Examples from industry, such as transmission load switching in dual electric machine concepts, provide the opportunity to learn the basics of software function development.

A field trip to a commercial vehicle transmission/commercial vehicle axle plant at the end of the semester completes this course if the then valid Corona rules allow it.

  Power train for example for automatically guided vehicles Copyright: © Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG Power train for example for automatically guided vehicles

The course taught by Dr.-Ing. Ingo Steinberg, Group Vice President Transmission Systems of the FEV Group, a development services company based in Aachen, in conjunction with other experts depending on the topic of the individual lecture unit.



  • Powertrain designs
  • Transmission designs
  • Axle types
  • Transmission components
  • Propeller shafts
  • Drive train testing
  • Control units and sensors
  • Software function development
  • Series development processes

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TME: Mr. Steinberg, what makes the new course "Series Development of “On-Road” Commercial Vehicle Transmissions" interesting?

Ingo Steinberg: Currently, on-road commercial vehicles, commercial vehicles for predominant operation on roads, are experiencing a boost in development due to the electrification of the powertrain. This transformation is having a major impact on the development of new powertrains, hardware and software, irrespective of fuel cells or batteries. My colleagues and I want to impart knowledge on the development of such powertrains and their components as part of the On-Road Commercial Vehicles course and motivate students for the topic.

TME: What else matters to you in the context of the course?

Ingo Steinberg: It's not just about passing on knowledge about the design of powertrains. It is just as important to impart experience from the industry. Over the years, gear units and axles have become much more complex with ever shorter development times. The series development of complex products requires processes in order to develop in line with quality, deadlines and costs. Some of these processes, which have become very important, are part of the course.

TME: What else would you like to tell the students?

Ingo Steinberg: My colleagues and I are certainly looking forward to seeing you and to an engaging course. Perhaps not everything will work out perfectly in the first run in the winter semester 2021/22. In any case, you will meet motivated teaching staff who are eager to work with you.



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