Title POWERFUL - "POWERtrain for FUture Light-duty vehicles" (abgeschlossen 2014)
Funding Europaen Commission
Projectnumber 234032

The project aims to develop new drive concepts that make a significant contribution to the implementation of the 50% CO2 savings target (compared to 2005) for cars and light trucks.

The following concepts are to be investigated:

  • Ultra-downsizing of gasoline engines (VVA, turbocharging, direct injection)
  • Two-stroke reduced diesel engine (HCCI, low temperature combustion)
  • Combined combustion systems (compression-ignition engines, new types of fuel)

In addition, other disciplines will be integrated to support the research, including: advanced simulation methods of drive integration, advanced approaches to friction reduction, methods for real emission analyzes (PEMS).

Period 01/2010 - 12/2013